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About RetailersDirect

Sometimes it's the simple idea that has the greatest impact. For RetailersDirect the idea was to offer independent retailers the same pricing and service normally reserved for large chain stores. We figured if we could bundle essential supplies (reciept rolls, shopping bags and the like) along with co-op priced merchant services - we could help the small shop owner save a great deal of time and money. And if we could do that ~ well,  we could build a business we could be proud of.

Ten years has passed since we first started out. Over five thousand small business owners have put us to the test. Many have become loyal friends. Maybe you will too.

It's a simple idea ~ quality products & services, great pricing and support ~  all bundled together ~ all aimed at helping the independent business owner keep more of their hard earned money in the cash register ~ and more of their time focused on their customer.