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Simpler,Easier and a lot Less Expensive

Working with Freelancers

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Bogged down with so many tasks that you feel like you’re going to collapse? Or does the sound of starting a new chore you don’t love make you break out in hives? Find a freelancer to help. You may be surprised to learn that affordable extra hands are easy to find online. The tough part may be narrowing down all the options.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. When adding a request to a freelance website, be as specific as possible. Do you need a designer for your website or a brochure? A technical writer or a creative one? More details means more candidates with the right credentials.
  2. Ask for work samples if applicable (designers, writers, etc.).
  3. Request references and take time to talk to their past clients. Ask about the freelancer’s communication style, and if they were able to meet deadlines and provide quality work.
  4. Cheaper isn’t always better. A less expensive freelancer is not always the route to go. It can mean that they undervalue their skills, or don’t have much experience.
  5. Keep the taxman at bay and use a 1099-MISC form for every freelance worker.
  6. Freelancers often work hours that may be different from yours—they could be in a different time zone, or prefer to work early in the morning or late at night. As long as the work is being completed on time and to your satisfaction, let them decide when they work on your project.
  7. Freelancers are not employees of your company, therefore they are not obligated to abide by the same rules your staff may be. However, they should still meet any expectations discussed prior to hiring.
  8. Freelancers don’t get paid on the same schedule as your other employees—they will invoice you. Many freelancers require a percentage up front, with the balance paid upon completion of a project. This is standard in most freelancing communities so the freelancer doesn’t have to wait months to get paid.