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The Humanity of Marketing

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Good marketing is more than analyzing data, A/B testing and targeting the perfect audience. Now, don’t misunderstand, all of those things are important. But the one thing that shouldn’t get lost, yet often does, is the human connection. Not only is it the preeminent thing that gets us through life, but it can also boost business.

So, set the human component to maximum when you create content. Here’s how:

Get your story straight. You know your story—tell it. Share your history, your goals and your values. Offering up details about you and your business legitimizes your company and builds trust.

Be a chatterbox. Whether it’s in person, over the phone, via email or on social media, make your mark. Always be friendly—engage customers and make them feel valued.

Tap into empathy. Understanding customers’ struggles puts you on the same level, seeing eye-to-eye, and raises you up from business owner to someone who really understands and cares. That alone helps create loyalty.

Remember, the days of hard-nosed selling and pushy preaching are like faded advertisements on dilapidated brick buildings. Let bygone marketing rest in peace and bring your marketing into the human realm.