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Simpler,Easier and a lot Less Expensive

Making Email work for you....

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No small business owner spends time perfecting their email marketing strategy and sending sales emails just for fun—it’s all about the bottom line. Here’s how to make your sales emails as effective as possible:

Make it personal. Don’t start by talking about your business. Instead, focus on your customer and establish a personal connection right away. Refer to customers by name or mention a mutual contact in your subject line. Carry on that personal touch in your message body by mentioning where you last saw them, identifying a challenge their business faces, or complimenting them on a recent accomplishment.

Keep it short. The most common mistake small business owners make when writing sales emails is making them too long. You’re busy, they’re busy—don’t waste anyone’s time. Make your sales pitch in three sentences or fewer. Identify a problem they might be having and succinctly tell them how you could help. Don’t worry about explaining every detail as to how you would do it. You’re trying to get a response, not close a deal.

Leave just one option. You have one goal, not three, so don’t propose three things. Muddling the call to action will decrease your chance of a response. You might ask customers to try a demo, to let you know if they’re interested, or to schedule a time to meet—but not all of them. If they can answer your email with a message as simple as “Yes, I’m interested,” you’ve done your job.