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Local Networking equals growth

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You want to grow your small business, but you’re not quite ready to expand with a new location or hire more employees. What can you do? Consider networking.

Networking can be an effective tool for growth, especially for service providers. Connecting with businesses that offer complementary services creates opportunities to recommend each other for work, according to Susan Ball, a senior consultant with the University of Mary Washington Small Business Development Center.

“Network with other professionals who serve the same customers,” she said. “So, if someone is a house painter, he should talk to carpet cleaners, handymen and so on.”

Meetup groups can be a great way to find people who share an interest or a passion of yours. If nothing exists in your area, consider starting a group yourself. Ball said your local chamber of commerce can offer good networking opportunities, but make sure it’s worth it for your business before you sign up.

“You have to figure out where your customers are, and network there,” she added. “Don’t just network for the sake of networking.”

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