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Finding the Best CRM for Small Business

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Finding the Best CRM for Small Business

Choosing small business CRM software is not easy. There are literally hundreds of options, and what works for one business, may not work for others. In this article we outline what we feel are the top 3 CRM options for small businesses.

Below you will find a summary table of the features and functionality of the three options. Following the table, you will find an in depth analysis of each option based on ease of use, price, key features and integrations, and mobile capabilities.

Best CRM for Small Business Owners: Insightly

Best CRM for Social Media-Savvy Small Business Owners: Nimble

CRM for Small Business Summary Table

Ease of UseEasiestEasyModerate
Price for Basic Business PackageFree for 3 users (limited functionality)

$7/user per month

(14 day free trial)

Free for 1 user (limited functionality).

$15 USD/user per month

(14 day trial)

Free for 3 users (limited functionality)

$12 USD/user per month

(15 day free trial)

Key FeaturesBasic CRM features including the ability to input, manage and track leads/sales.

Basic reporting functionality.

Project management and team collaboration tools.

Nimble takes a proactive approach to getting you and your sales team to interact with prospects.

“Today” is a series of actions for users to nurture leads and close deals, like connecting with 3 key contacts, visual sales cycle laid out with action steps to take to complete deal.

Lead and opportunity management, sales forecasting, web forms for capturing leads, analytics and email marketing.

Comprehensive reporting and scalable features that grow with you.

Number of Records100,000 records30,000 records100,000 records
Integration with Other SystemsDeep integration with Google Apps. Also integrates with Mailchimp and Office 365 as well as all major social media networks.Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Quickbooks and around 50 other products.All Zoho products including project management, customer service, and email.

Also integrates with Google Apps, Mailchimp, and Quickbooks.

SupportUnlimited email support

Insightly University videos, FAQ, amusing ticket form that requests emotional state (happy, panicked, angry…)

User forums, FAQs, support tickets, weekly demos, email, solution partners (surcharge)24/5 Phone and email support, Web conference demo, user guide, videos, webinars, blogs and forums.
MobilityiOS, Android and WebiOSiOS, Android and Web
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