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Email Marketing Tips

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Anyone who has tried to perfect an email marketing campaign knows that wrangling a quality email list is what digital marketing dreams are made of. Lists are generally tough to come by—and even tougher to mature. Unsubscribes and high bounce rates haunt marketers, so what’s the best way to grow (and maintain) a healthy list?

  • Keep ’em happy. Offer up a good dose of quality content on social channels and/or your blog and you’re more likely to get customers to subscribe.
  • Keep it simple. Ask too many questions and you’ll lose them; simple sign-up works best.
  • Keep on giving. Offer something to everyone who signs up on your landing page. A discount code, an e-book or free samples can work, but get creative.

As you work to build a quality list, remember that, like a garden, it takes time (and your effort and commitment) to see the fruits of your labor. You need to plan and tend to it continuously with quality content—and only a well-balanced and occasional sprinkle of sales material.