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Simpler,Easier and a lot Less Expensive


Cloud Computing For Samll Business

Whether you’re a Luddite–someone who hates technology, or a technophobe–one who fears it, undoubtedly you’ve heard of cloud computing. And if you are in either of the aforementioned categories, it might be time to kick the negative feelingsto the curb, scramble to the wagon, and hop on board. Experts agree that small businesses that embrace [...]

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Low budget Video Marketing

Video marketing is huge! But if the idea of being on camera is more than you can handle, and you prefer to stay behind-the-scenes, there are tools that can help! Create marketing videos using Camstudio, a program that records presentations right from your screen. That means your mug doesn't even need to make an appearance--you [...]

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Employee Tracking App

Send your magnetic in/out board from twenty years ago packing--there's a newfangled app in town and it's got no time for silly magnets. Employees bounce around like pinballs and it's hard to keep track of where people are at any given moment, that's where Simple In/Out comes in. It automatically clocks your team in and [...]

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Local Marketing/Brand Recognition

If you can't afford to put your logo on a Formula One race car or have a banner hanging at a Yankees game, you could sponsor a local little league or soccer team. It's a great way to get your name out there, and make a difference in your community. Picture it--a gaggle of kids [...]

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