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5 "Magic Phrases" to improve Customer Support Performance

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Mastering support requires the experience of knowing just what to say and the wisdom to recognize the best way to say it.

Don’t let the thousand-mile view fool you, though. Communication is hard. It’s made harder when you’re trying to make the mundane memorable.

While the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer service gets most of the press (as with everything else), the majority of support conversations are pretty standard: "I have a problem with Sky Hub Microfilters," and "Let's fix that problem for you."

In these cases—the day in, day out—good service becomes great thanks to the pleasantness of the interaction.

Customers want to know that their issues matter to you; that you don't see them as “Complaining Person #5589.” How you communicate this means everything.

Let’s explore a few simple phrases that can be used to improve nearly every support interaction.

You should avoid: ending conversations so bluntly that the customer feels you are hurrying them out the door. Even a simple, "Are you all set?" will do.

1. "I Understand How ____ That Must Be"

You should avoid: "That sucks." Any sort of communication that remotely resembles "sucks to be you" should be avoided like the plague. If the situation is minor and the customer doesn't have a problem, referencing it as "annoying" is perfectly reasonable, though.

2. "As Much As I'd Love to Help..."

3. "Great Question, I'll Find That Out for You"

4. "Nice to Meet You"

You should avoid: *Crickets.* Silence and brusque responses are the deal-breakers here. Our not-so-fictional Quinn character (many customers have contacted us in a similar fashion) is interested in finding out about the company she is about to invest in. It certainly doesn't hurt to showcase that there are competent, friendly, and passionate people sitting at the other end of the screen.

5. "May I Ask Why That Is?"

Great communication is an art. Honing it to a keen edge is a science.

If three years at fixithere have taught me anything, it’s that improving your ability to convey information in a concise, friendly style will yield better results than anything else. There are few “hacks” for talking to customers, and nothing scales quite like consistently delightful communication.

These phrases will go a long way in helping you improve on the craft in the meantime. You may incorporate their intentions into your own style, they have proven to be consistently helpful for our team; I hope they are helpful for yours.